Walla Sound BT Speaker FAQ

Last Updated Feb 24, 2023

Walla Sound BT Speaker Product FAQs

Will Walla Sound Speakers work on any phone?
Yes! Our premium speakers will work for any Bluetooth device, including iPhones, Android phones, laptop computers, and any device that has bluetooth connectivity.

Can the Walla Sound speakers get wet?
Yes, this speaker is IPX5 water and dust resistant, but it is not a fully waterproof speaker. It is designed for outdoor use, making it great for camping or bringing to the beach or pool. The water resistant rating means that the speakers can resist sweat, water, and rain. They're perfect for working out, running and jogging, doing yoga, or other activities.

How long does the battery last at full charge?
At full charge, Walla Sound will play at full volume for around 4-6 hours. We recommend that to get the best product longevity you should charge your speaker moderately frequently, rather than letting the battery die with every use.

What is the range of the bluetooth connectivity?
The range of the bluetooth connection is about 10 meters, but this can vary based on conditions and objects between your device and the earbuds.

What happens if I get a phone call while I'm using the speaker?
Depending on which phone you have, you can choose to answer the call on your device or have the call come through speaker.

Can I pair two speakers together for "TWS mode" - to play in stereo?
Yes, Walla Sound speakers support TWS mode.  Here's how to link them together.

  • First, turn on both speakers but make sure no device is connected to them.  If your phone or other device had previously connected to your Walla Sound speaker, it will automatically re-connect when you turn it on.  So ensure in your device's Bluetooth settings that you "Forget Device" first.
  • With both speakers powered on, click and hold the "M" button for three seconds until you hear a tone, then do the same on the second speaker.  You should hear another tone indicating the speakers have paired together.  The indicator lights will flash slowly when they are paired together in TWS mode.
  • Finally, use your device to search for available bluetooth devices, then connect to your Walla Sound speaker.  Press Play and both speakers should play simultaneously.

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